General Information

How do I sign up for Numerade Class?

To sign up for Numerade’s Class click here and input your name and email.

What can I do with Numerade Class?

With Numerade Class, you can create custom videos, assign pre-made videos from our library of over 500,000 videos, and respond to student questions through a short video for your students using a dynamic white board.  Here’s an example: Continuity

What content is available on Numerade?

Numerade has over 500,000 videos covering a range of topics. Below are the topics we generally have available:

Is Numerade Class free for students and teachers?

Numerade Class is 100% free to use. We are strongly committed to decreasing the educational opportunity gap, and do not believe students should have to have deep pockets to supplement their education. We also believe teachers should have access to tools that help their students, especially during this time. Sign up here today!

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Getting Started

How do I create a class?

To create a class, simply click “Create Class” from your Class dashboard.
Once you create your class, give it a title, For example: “Calculus 101, M/W/F.” Or “Algebra, All Periods.”

How do I add students?

There are a couple of different ways to import students into Numerade Class. The first way is to input student emails yourself, which will prompt students to join your class.

To do this, click “Students.” Then, click “add students”. Next, begin inputting student emails. OR, you can choose to upload a csv file with only a single column and only student emails. 

The other way to add in students, is to first have students sign up for Numerade here. Then, they should click “Class”. Next, they should click “Join a course”. Then, they should import your unique class code which you can find on your course page. 

How do I add in students directly from Google Classroom?

If you use Google Classroom, adding a Class and students is easy! All you need to do is click “Create Class,” then “Import from Google Classroom.” (Make sure you’re signed in with your Google account associated with any of your Google Classroom’s--your .edu email, for example). 

You’ll then be taken to a page that shows the Google Classrooms you have. Simply select the one you want to import and then click “import classes.”

Managing Content

How do I create videos?

Creating your own videos allows you to personalize your lessons with your students. (If you are already familiar with how to create videos yourself see “Upload your own videos”)

  1. Click “Create Lesson”, and you’ll be taken to the Numerade control panel. Once here, open a new white board tab by clicking “Open new whiteboard.” 
  2. Next, a whiteboard window will open. If you’d like to pre draw any diagrams or text you may do so on the whiteboard before recording. Once you’re ready to record, navigate back to the control panel and click “Start screen capture.”
  3. Once you click start screen capture a window will appear prompting you to select the window you want to record.
  4. From here, you have a few options. If you’d like to record your screen, perhaps to display a powerpoint or annotated image you can select “Your entire screen.” If you’d like to select an application window, such as powerpoint, or Chrome select “Application window.” If you’d only like to record the whiteboard screen, select “Chrome tab” and then “Numerade Whiteboard.”
  5. Once you select what you’d like to record, navigate to that screen and do your thing! Once you’re ready to stop your recording, navigate back to the control panel and click “Stop screen capture,” then “Upload and finish.” Sometimes is takes a couple of minutes for the video to be in your course. Once it uploads the students in your course will be notified via email that you’ve created a new video. We’d also suggest downloading the video for your own personal use in the future. 

Can I upload my own videos?

If you have locally saved videos already created, you can easily upload those into you created classes. First, select “Create Lesson.” 

Then, you’ll be taken to the Numerade control panel, where you can create videos, or upload videos. Once you’re in the control panel, and you’d like to upload a video simply click “manually upload video” on the bottom part of the screen.

Next, simply click “upload and finish” and your video will be added.

How do I assign existing content from the Numerade library of over 700,000 videos?

To assign content check out any of the topics below:

Once you find a video you like, you can click this icon, located at the bottom of the video screen.

Then, select the class you’d like to assign the video to. You can optionally create a due date and/or add a description to the video you’re assigning.

Managing My Class


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